The importance of training and knowledge

The importance of training and knowledge

Malaysia has taken great strides in the past few decades in adopting more and more trenchless solutions to meet its infrastructure challenges

There are great trenchless opportunities in the immediate, medium and long-term future in Malaysia, especially as trenchless meets many of the Green objectives embedded as a priority in much the government’s infrastructure development agenda.

There is also recognition of the importance of training and knowledge transfer, to raise standards and improve use and application of Trenchless.

The establishment of MATT represents a significant step in the evolution of the trenchless sector in Malaysia, since Trenchless Asia was first hosted in Kuala Lumpur in 2016.

MATT creates a broad-based platform, with national reach, to promote Trenchless in Malaysia, to inform the market and provide networking opportunities nationally and internationally for stakeholders, as well as to encourage transfer of knowledge, experience and technologies and commercial opportunities. In addition, MATT will be affiliated to ISTT.

MATT – the Malaysia Association for Trenchless Technologies has received its formal confirmation of recognition from Malaysia’s Registry of Societies (ROS) as a national association for the representation, recognition and promotion of all aspects trenchless, nationwide.

MATT, now established, is excited to be working with Westrade – the organisers of Trenchless Asia 2020 which will incorporate for the first time ISTT‘s 39th International No-Dig conference, and therefore ISTT as well, in building on the spectacular successes of 2016 and 2018.

Jurutera Ir. Mohd Zuki Muda – Head of Capital Works at Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) wrote, “the past decade in particular marked the beginning of new thinking…. Trenchless technology is promoted as a Green and Low Carbon Footprint construction practice…” and, “is now increasingly more important and it will be the way to move forward”.